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Shop till I drop

Sad to say, but I'm delighted that Ugly Betty and Grey's weren't on tonight, partially because there's a Tigers game on and partially because it meant I could just hang around and play online (which I haven't really gotten much of a chance to do lately). First on my mental list of things to do online was finally placing my order with the MLB shop of what else Tigers goodies (a Verlander jersey, a cute hoodie, flip flops and a little stuffed monkey I really didn't need but had to have). Sometimes spending money is too fun. Actually, this is the second little spending spree I've been on in about a week... the first was a pajama spree at Kohls, where I bought these goodies: pink pjs, blue striped pjs, and a purple pair (which don't seem to be online). I also got a cute robe thanks to my mom. Woo hoo! Free stuff from mom is always a good thing!!

Hey, not that I'm justifying it or anything (I'm totally justifying it) but I was due a good spending spree or two, since I've been pretty good about using my money to pay my bills versus having any fun with it. I'll do my best to be better about not spending after this.

Oh wait... I just realized I'm off to see Champions on Ice in a week (Johnny! Johnny! Johnny!) and I'm guessing I'll buy a few things there too. So much for my paycheck :P

Time for ER.