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No-No Na-Verlander

What am I doing up past 1:00 am when I should be asleep... especially when I promised myself I'd get to bed by 1:00-ish at least? Well, honestly, what self-respecting Tigers fan can sleep after watching Justin Verlander pitch a No Hitter?? I ask you that?!?

As a Tigers fan the whole idea of anyone on that team getting a No-No is great, but the fact that it was MY Tiger (and, ahem, not so secret crush) Verlander makes the day too exciting for my own good. All I can really say (mostly because I'm tired but don't want to admit it) is that THIS was some great game and some incredible pitching. And that's not even my bias talking.

During the Game One of the World Series last year, after some very bad innings, I posted the following entry, Who says there's no girly in baseball? in which I said Verlander really needed a hug... I'd say tonight more than made up for that night:

Once again I say, look at him pitch. (Also note the bird... there have been gulls galore at Comerica lately.)

No-No = Happy JV

A hug from Pudge

And Polanco

And his girlfriend (who is sadly not me)

With a side order of shaving cream in the face a la Todd Jones


Mr. No-No (still looks good in uniform lol)