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Love, love, love

Just a random thought: Larry King is not "all there"... if you know what I mean. I know the man is retiring but I really feel he should have retired many, many years ago.

This all comes from the fact that Paul, Ringo, Olivia and Yoko were on Larry King Live tonight (which I forgot the first time around but have managed to catch at midnight). So far it's been a great interview from the perspective that Paul and Ringo are... well, Fab. But Larry, Larry, Larry... the man is like a suspender clad train wreck. Not only did he call Ringo George (which Paul seemed to find quite amusing), but he also referred to Ringo as "The only other former living Beatle." I can't be the only one who thinks those words are in the wrong order as they make him sound rather not alive. It's a bit like when I call my gay ex-boyfriend my ex-gay boyfriend. (Trust me when I say he is most certainly not formerly gay.)

Also random... Yoko still looks rather young. What's with that? Maybe it's the odd little hat. LOL

And final randomness... I love that Paul and Ringo had sneakers on. I don't know why, but I find that rather cute.