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You are missed old keyboard

Apparently, if you're the kind of person (like me) who doesn't feel like you need a light on in the room to use your computer here's just a wee bit of advice... don't buy a black keyboard. Yeah, didn't realize I can't see a thing I'm typing and therefore am in serious need of a light. Hey, I always had a light colored keyboard up until this point, so honestly, who knew?!? So far, my new keyboard/mouse and I aren't getting on too well. They feel... well, they feel wrong. Stiff and not adjusted to my liking at all :P Plus they're wireless and aren't very good (so far) at picking up the signal to, you know, actually function. Silly me, wanting my keyboard and mouse to function.

I think I miss my old wireless keyboard/mouse combo. Sigh. We got along so well until the most unfortunate incident when a big travel mug of lemonade spilled all over both of them. I swear it wasn't my fault.. THIS is incredibly faulty.

So yet again I'm on some sort of icon kick and have literally wasted spent the past 44 minutes looking through various icons... most of them figure skating icons. While I have a huge collection of Johnny (Weir, that is) icons, turns out I had none of my other favorites... No Jeff? No Virtue & Moir? And why do more people not make Yu-Na Kim icons and Daisuke Takahash icons? I mean, really, how can you resist the hotness of Daisuke's Roxanne exhibition ( I think I have a little international crush after watching that LOL).


What to do with this new layout?

As much as I loved my VMars layout it seemed like time for a change... plus that picture looked summery and let's face it. It's winter. I see snow outside. Since I really like the set up of this layout it seemed simple enough to swap out the picture for something else and I THOUGHT I'd go with a Christmas picture. Clearly that didn't happen. So instead I've opted for a more wintry/skating theme (and therefore one I don't have to change in less than a month's time) courtesy of the Queen King of Chess himself, Johnny Weir. It still needs something else though... text of some kind. I'm just not sure yet.

Now if you don't know who Johnny (ahem, 3-time and current US National Champion) is, check out these moments of his fabulousness from youtube: Johnnys' new Short Program - King of Chess and my all time favorite Johnny's program Otonal.

Nice use of my time at work considering the pile of things I need to work on.
Apparently, when you force yourself to go to bed at a reasonably reasonable hour for several night in a row you end up WIDE AWAKE a few days later. I suppose I should have continued the trend of trying to get more sleep but really... well... hey, I have no self control alright? Wait, I take that back. I have some self control. I passed up the opportunity to have some nice refreshing McDonald's coke. Don't let the fact that I'm my mouth is watering as I type this color your perspective on my self control at all.

Sure there are many things I could be doing with this umm wide awakness (geez, the liberties I take with the english language), like catching up on Beatlelinks where I'm guessing it could be rumored that I'm dead, or at the very least MIA, but that sounds like work my brain is just not prepared to take on tonight. I know there is far too much I haven't read on there and far too much I'll feel compelled to reply to. (Did the end of that sentence just abuse the English language again, or was it just me?).

So instead, what am I doing you might ask? Ingesting an ever so slightly less than legal copy of the soundtrack from the new Beatles Cirque du Soleil show Love (not so legal seeing that it's not even out for another week). And like most things associated with the Beatles I'm both simultaneously thrilled by the new freaky mixes and a little disappointed that much of the material seems to be from the same tracks that were used for the original albums (or the Anthology). Either that or I've become jaded by being exposed to too many bootlegs.

No, there can never be too many bootlegs. Besides, the new arrangement of the (formerly) acoustic version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps = happy Melissa :)

On to other topics:

TV: So much to be said about tv that I don't even know where to start... I've totally slacked on my idea to turn my obsessive need to watch tv into something useful by writing about it here. The season is welllllll on it's way and where have I been? Oh yes, watching TV. No wonder I never get anything done online anymore. In order to motivate myself I’m going to try to do a really quick break down of each night over the next few days starting with...


Prison Break - Back on track. FINALLY. Yea to Sarah and Michael meeting up... boo to not even one kiss. Not one. Okay, well I'd be pretty pissed too if I'd basically had my life destroyed by Michael and his only plan to "set things right” was to run away to Panama. Some plan :P Also yea to Sucre saving Michael... boo to one too many plots revolving around grossness with T-Bag.

How I Met Your Mother - Could I love this show more than I already do? This week’s show might have put me right over the top. Barney playing that odd Chinese game (what was that?) was too funny.

Heroes - I go back and forth with myself on just how much I like this one... sometimes I think I’m a bit bored, although this week’s episode was great. Lots of Mohinder (always a good thing) and Hiro, who are two of my favorites, and no Nikki, who I really don’t care about.... she’s evil and even when she’s not evil I still don’t like her. Are we supposed to care about Nikki? I get the feeling we are, but I can’t. I don’t like either of her personalities.

Studio 60 - All of you complaining that Studio 60 is pretentious, I have three words for you... Get over it!! Yes, it’s pretentious... it screams look at me, I’m smart, I know big words, I’m better than you (oh wait, maybe it was Aaron Sorkin screaming that). Apparently, I’m the kind of person who likes that sort of thing because I enjoy the fact that Studio 60 doesn’t treat me like I only have a 5th grade education. On a side note, I really thought they'd put Jordan and Matt together but it's looking more and more like a Jordan and Danny pairing is in the works. Also, is Matt not allowed to leave the Studio 60 set ever? With the exception of the pilot, they've had Matthew Perry trapped in that studio in every episode.

Next on the agenda Tuesdays... then maybe someday I'll actually try, you know, keeping up and posting about shows as they air. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?
I'm so tempted to backdate a few entries (since I've been slacking off) with different things I didn't quite get around to posting during the past week, but I'm fighting that urge and just posting this picture instead...

Yes, this is what was done to my cat on Halloween. The sad part is that she didn't even mind wearing it (for the 2 or 3 minutes she had it on that is). At any rate, she's always thought she was a princess... this just confirmed it.

Who says there's no girly in baseball?

Here's how you know you're a girl watching baseball...

Game: Game One of the World Series
Score: Top on the 6th, Tigers - 1, Cardinals - 5 (if I'm remembering it right)
Situation: Fox pans to the Tigers' dugout shortly after Justin Verlander (for those who don't know, he's a Tigers pitcher) has been taken out of the game and replaced with another pitcher. Verlander is sitting on the bench looking crushed.

Male Reaction: They should have pulled him earlier in the game. Damn rookie... there goes the game.

Female Reaction: Ahh, poor baby. Someone should give him a hug.

Tell me he doesn't need a hug?

Well, yeah... in all fairness, I'd be willing to give Justin Verlander a hug any day of the week. Regardless of this statement, someone should tell him he was great 4 out of 6 innings. Someone should also tell him that he's not the only one responsible for the Tigers losing tonight... lots of errors, sloppiness and so-so hitting. Also the Cardinals' pitcher was pretty much unstoppable. Bad game. Better tomorrow.

This is why I shouldn't watch sports :P

And here's some picture spam of Justin Verlander from tonight's game because, well, maybe I have a fangirl sort of thing going on here. Whatever!Collapse )
There have been at least 10 times this week when I thought I'd be posting a little entry and then just never got around to it... hello, who's lazy? I also need to get around to my take on this week's faboo VMars episode...ahh, that's what the weekend is for, is it not?

Actually, I thought this might lead me to the inevitable random thoughts list, but then I remembered I'd started an entry about the (sort of) first event of the skating season which was pretty much complete earlier in the week, so I figured I'd stop and post it before it gets shamefully deleted. I'll do an LJ cut, so people who don't really care about skating don't have to be subjected to a long ramble about my obsessive need to watch figure skating.

It's bye-bye Camille and hello pawn to rook 7... or something like thatCollapse )

What I do when I should be in bed...

So I'm sitting here in avoidance of going to bed (as per usual), when I read the following...Evans quits 'Dancing With the Stars' - Sara Evans has withdrawn from Dancing with the Stars? The article goes on to say it's for personal reasons, which I read elsewhere has to do with the possibility she is getting divorced. Now I'm not trying to be mean because she seems incredibly sweet and is a great singer (and if the divorce story is true that's so sad since they have 3 small children) BUT I'm glad she's leaving because she is a marginally rotten dancer. Sure other rotten dancers have been on the show before (and still are... yes, I'm talking to you Jerry Springer) but the problem with Sara Evans is that no matter how badly she did she never ended up in the bottom two, which was ludicrous. It's nice that she has faithful fans who love her music, but people who actually could dance have been voted off as a result. Now if only Jerry Springer would withdraw from the show. And if only the show would withdraw from running 30 minutes into Veronica Mars time.

Rant, rant, rant, rant, rant.

As a whole I really enjoyed the first two seasons of DWTS but something about this season leaves me kind of cold. I want to like it. I want to get into it, but I can't. One problem is that, at 90 minutes, it's far too long as the number of dancers decreases each week. Or maybe it's as simple as the fact that I don't like it airing on Tuesdays, thereby taking viewers away from Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars. For that matter, I don't like the Wednesday results show taking viewers from Bones.

Still, I'd like to see Mr. Dimples Mario win. Go Slater! Bayside Rules!

Random Thoughts on VM 3.02

I was planning to hold off on posting my thoughts on Veronica Mars 3.02, My Big Fat Greek Rush Week, until I'd had a chance to watch it again, but then I thought "Come on… everybody's doing it." That's right... I peer pressured myself. I didn't even think that was possible. I tried my best to keep it brief (being that I'm about two seconds from falling asleep on my keyboard) and tucked away behind the LJ cut (of course) to hide the spoilers:

3.02: The Good, the Bad and the UglyCollapse )

So you get calls from celebrities now?

As per usual, I'm about a week late in posting (in all fairness, maybe it took a while to sink in), but honestly how strange (in a good way) is it that I got a call from Michael Muhney last week?

Brief info for anyone reading this who doesn't know who Michael Muhney is... he plays slightly smarmy (but let's face it, he's cute), not so much on the right side of the law Sheriff Lamb on Veronica Mars. That's him in the icon accompanying this post. At any rate, last week, in what I can only assume was a fit of boredom on his part, in combination with a day off, new DSL capabilities and just plain being a guy who like his fans, MM decided to make an offer over at Rack of Lamb to call people who were having Veronica Mars premier parties. Next thing I know, Jillian is living up to her girlwithapearl moniker and asking me for my phone number.

I really didn't think he'd call. Honestly. In fact, I'd convinced myself that he wasn't going to call, so imagine my surprise when the phone rang just before 11:00pm and the caller ID said "blocked call." Now imagine my stunned expression (yes, I'm certain there was a stunned impression involved) when the voice on the other end of the line a) said my name; b) sounded just like Michael Muhney (umm, ignore the fact that I could recognize his voice which means I've probably watched way too much Veronica Mars over the past few months); and c) said "Hi, this is Michael Muhney."

He was incredibly nice and didn't try to rush me off the phone in any way, which I thought was pretty amazing given that he had made many calls before mine (seeing that he said I was going to be either the last or second to last call he made). Also amazing was the fact that I kept it together through the call and didn't get flustered or just plain fangirlish. I think I may actually have slightly teased him about not being on the show that night and also managed to tell him to enjoy his climb (he was on his way to go rock-climbing). My mother also made me tell him that she has a crush on him (really, that's no joke), to which he said he was very flattered and that she had good taste. He made me tell her that Lamb would be back next week (aka in tomorrow's episode) causing trouble. I'm guessing this means my mom's looking forward to tomorrow's episode quite a bit. hehe :-D

That's right... I get calls from celebrities now!! LOL